File #: O-47-18    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Adopted
File created: 11/29/2018 In control: City Council
On agenda: 3/26/2019 Final action: 3/26/2019
Title: Special Events - For the purpose of amending the definition of "City Sponsored Event."
Sponsors: Shaneka Henson, Elly Tierney
Indexes: Environmental Matters Committee, Transportation Committee
Attachments: 1. O-47-18 City Sponsored Event Definition.pdf, 2. O-47-18 Staff Report and Fiscal Impact.pdf, 3. O-47-18 Amendment No. 1 Savidge, Tierney, Arnett.pdf, 4. O-47-18 SIGNED.pdf


Special Events - For the purpose of amending the definition of “City Sponsored Event.”




City of Annapolis


Ordinance 47-18


Introduced by: Alderwoman Henson and Alderwoman Tierney


Referred to

Environmental Matters Committee

Transportation Committee


AN ORDINANCE concerning


Special Events


FOR                     the purpose of amending the definition of “City Sponsored Event.”


BY                     repealing and re-enacting with amendments the following portions of the Code of the City of Annapolis, 2018 Edition




SECTION I:                     BE IT ESTABLISHED AND ORDAINED BY THE ANNAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL that the Code of the City of Annapolis shall be amended to read as follows:




Chapter 14.18 - SPECIAL EVENTS


Section 14.18.020 - Definitions.


A.                      "Athletic event" means an occasion in which a group of people collectively engage in a sport. Athletic events include bicycle and foot races, bike-a-thons, walk-a-thons, and competitive sports events of all kinds. Specific types of athletic events include, but are not limited to:

1.                      "Mass participation sports" which means athletic events such as marathons and other running events, bicycle races, or tours, triathlons, and tournaments where attendees are primarily participants.

2.                      "Spectator sports" which means athletic events such as football, basketball, and baseball games, golf tournaments, and vehicle races where attendees are primarily there to observe.

B.                      "Applicant" means any person who, or an entity which, seeks a special event permit from the City to conduct or sponsor an event governed by this chapter. Such person shall be eighteen years of age or older and any such entity shall be in good standing with the State of Maryland and, in the case of an out of State entity, shall be registered to conduct business in the State of Maryland.

C.                      "City dock" means, for the purposes of this chapter, all of Dock Street, Craig Street, Susan Campbell Park, the Small Boat Landing and Plaza, the portion of Randall Street between Memorial Circle and Dock Street, the intersection of Dock Street and Randall Street, and Prince George Street between Randall Street and Spa Creek. Memorial Circle is excluded.

D.                      "City sponsored events" means a special events for which the City waives some or all fees or otherwise directly participates in the cost of the event.that:

                     1.                     the city council approves by resolution as a city sponsored event;

                     2.                      enures solely to the benefit of the public, with no profit or emolument to the City to thereby serve a governmental function; and

                     3.                      benefits the public health, safety and welfare to thereby serve a governmental purpose.

E                      [Reserved]"City waters" are those waters governed by Title 15 of this Code.

GF.                      "Commercial film or photographic event" means movies, television shows, commercials, or industry photography on public streets, alleys, rights-of-way, City waters, or other public property. Broadcast media or print media are excluded in the definition of a commercial film or photographic event in this chapter.

HG.                     "Event organizer" means any person who conducts, manages, promotes, organizes or solicits attendance at the event for which a special event permit is requested.

IH.                      "Major special event" means a special events (as defined herein) that areis expected to:

1.                      Simultaneously attract five hundred or more participants or attendees; and

2.                      Involve any one, or combination, of the following criteria: road or lane closures of more than thirty minutes at any one location, serving of alcoholic beverages, use of City personnel or provision of City services that exceed normal operations, except where exempt.

JI.                      "Major City dock event" means a special event (as defined herein) held on public streets, alleys, rights-of-way, City waters, or other public property within City dock as defined in this chapter, that meets the following criteria:

1.                      A major special event or

2.                      A special event that results in one or more of the following: road or lane closures of more than thirty minutes, sales by vendors that compete with businesses within the City dock area (as defined herein) or abutting the City dock area as defined as Market Space, Randall Street to Prince George Street, and the businesses facing Memorial Circle, or the displacement of more than twenty parking spaces on City dock.

KJ.                      "Special event" means an activity for which specific and exclusive use of public streets, alleys, rights-of-way, City waters, or other public property is desired and will gather or attract participants or attendees to that activity, or an activity on private property or property held by other governmental jurisdictions that would have any effect on City property, City waters or public safety. A special event includes, but is not limited to: parades, marches, rallies, festivals, carnivals, filming, motorcades, promotional events, runs, street dances, races, walks, or other attended entertainment or celebration.



SECTION  II:   AND  BE  IT  FURTHER  ESTABLISHED  AND  ORDAINED  BY THE ANNAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL that this ordinance shall take effect from the date of its passage.




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