File #: O-28-22    Version: 2 Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Adopted
File created: 6/9/2022 In control: Finance Committee
On agenda: 10/10/2022 Final action: 10/10/2022
Title: Vehicles and Traffic - Parking Meters - Parking in metered space - For the purpose of extending time allowed in metered space.
Sponsors: Elly Tierney, Ross Arnett
Indexes: Finance Committee
Attachments: 1. O-28-22 First Reader, 2. O-28-22 Staff Report, 3. O-28-22 Fiscal Impact Note, 4. O-28-22 Signed
Vehicles and Traffic - Parking Meters - Parking in metered space - For the purpose of extending time allowed in metered space.
City of Annapolis

Ordinance 28-22

Introduced by: Alderwoman Tierney
Co-sponsored by: Ald. Arnett

Referred to Finance Committee
90 day Rule:___________

AN ORDINANCE concerning

VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC - Parking Meters - Parking limits

FOR the purpose of public notification of parking limits.

BY repealing and reenacting with amendments the following portions of the Code of the City of Annapolis, 2022 Edition

SECTION I: BE IT ESTABLISHED AND ORDAINED BY THE ANNAPOLIS CITY COUNCIL that the Code of the City of Annapolis shall be amended to read as follows:

Chapter 12.24 - PARKING METERS
Section 12.24.070 - Parking limits in metered space for more than two hours.

A. It is unlawful for any person to cause, allow, permit or suffer any vehicle registered in the name of or operated by that person, to be parked in any space adjacent to which a parking meter is located for longer than two consecutive hours, except where a shorter maximum time limitation is designated on the parking meter, or other technologies, or by a sign posted in proximity to the parking meter or regulated parking area, and except in designated off-street metered areas or zones permitting parking in excess of two THREE consecutive hours, in which event the designated time limitation applies. No person shall park any vehicle in any metered or non-metered space on any city street for longer than the time allowed, as posted on the parking meter, the city-authorized sign in the metered parking zone, or other city-authorized electronic means, indicating the day(s) and/or times of such parking limits. The maximum time allowed for parking in any space herein described shall be set by the City Manager, in consultation with the Director of the City of Annapolis Department of Transportation. The City Manager is hereby a...

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