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Last name: Littmann
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Notes: On January 14, 2013, I took the oath of office as Alderman of Ward 5 to fill a vacated seat. In November of 2013, the people of Ward 5 elected me to a 4 year term. Separately, I’ve been in the hardware business since 2004, and am the owner of K&B True Value on Forest Drive, a 40-year-old business. In addition, I’ve also been a Corporate Director for the True Value Company, based in Chicago, since 2013. Before beginning my entrepreneurial career, I was a practicing attorney for 7 years, including four years as an Associate County Attorney for Montgomery County. My educational background includes a law degree from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Environmental Law. My bachelor’s degree is in Engineering and Public Policy, with a minor in Environmental Engineering, from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. My family and I live in the Hunt Meadow neighborhood of Ward 5.